The CECICS building is located at the building C of the Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine (PNTU). CECICS consists of 3 floors:

– Floor #7: 9 OSCE Rooms; 1 Debrief Room; 1 Student Room; 1 Standardized Patient Training Room and 1 Storage Room

– Floor #8: 9 OSCE Rooms, 1 Debriefing Room, 1 Server Room, 1 Classroom, and 1 Office

– Floor #9: 2 Partial Task Rooms, 1 Classroom, 1 Debriefing room, 4 Simulation Rooms, 2 Control Rooms, and 1 large Storage Room


CECICS is proud to have provisional accreditation in the areas of Core and Teaching/Education. This provisional accreditation makes us have a motivation with the commitment of the staff and educators to provide high-quality, evidence-based practices supported by policy and practice to deliver enhanced education to learners at PNTU.