Medical Skills Course (MSC), practice component of the Medical curriculum of PNTU, is conducted partially at CECICS. PNTU students spend 4 hours of MSC weekly during the two years (second and third year) at CECICS-PNTU. For each learning unit objectives, the Representatives of Educational Division and Technical Division of CECICS cooperate with Faculty Development Unit, Instructors from Clinical Departments to select the most appropriate teaching and assessment methods as well as the training of Standardized Patients (SPs). Learning objectives of MSC are closely matched with those of the the Scientific Principles of Medicine (horizontal and vertical integration).


CECICS-UPNT takes the lead to serve the educational mission of the University of Medicine Pham Ngoc Thach in establishing an exciting, safe and conducive environment for the education, training and practice for learners at all levels. For the past 24 months, CECICS has the following educational simulation activities, which included OSCE activities (OSCE) and Partial Task activities (PT): The COVID-19 Pandemic has created unthinkable consequences to the training not only at CECICS-UPNT but also to the entire country from 2020 to 2021. Therefore, we take the liberty to include simulation assessment activity conducted at CECICS from 2017


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